Smartwatch Heart & Fitness monitor


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  • Material: ABS, Silicone
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red
  • Screen size: 1 inch
  • ROM: <128MB
  • RAM: <128MB
  • Model: M3
  • SIM Card Available: No
  • Waterproof : Life waterproof
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery capacity: 90mAh
  • Charging method: USB
  • Charging time: 2H
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Compatible with: Android, IOS
  • Fitpro System Requirements: iOS 9.0 and above/Android 5.0 and above
  • Feature:
  • Monitoring sleep quality
  • It support swimming and shower
  • Low power acceleration sensor
  • Motion planning step Sport mileage record
  • Information content reminder and push
  • Daily life waterproof(Do not soak it in the water, do not wear it when swimming, bath
  • Package Content: 1 x Bracelet, 1 x  Strap, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual
  • Note: This is not Xiao Mi Band 3. Smart wristband is not for medical use, please don’t buy for check the health(heart problem, blood pressure problem) it’s not for professional use.Just can be a reference.
  • Please note that we have Yoho Sports and Fitpro two kind of apps, if you can not connect it, please ask us to get the operation video and step. If you have the app’s requirements and likes, please also contact us in advance.
  • Please note that due to the manufacturer changed the screen from July, 15th, there is a little bit difference in screen brightness, it is not defective, and it can not affect use, it is the same function and quality. 



       Pls note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 




Q: Why couldn’t I connect the Bluetooth?

1. Please download the app firstly

2. Search Bluetooth name on your APP and then connect it.

3. You can see request to connect on the phone, click “pair”,

If you had connected the Bluetooth before, please clear all of your previous phone’s Bluetooth devices.


When the APP download is finished, all permissions are clicked Yes, otherwise it will affect the use of the bracelet function. After downloading, open the APP and open the mobile phone Bluetooth-My device-click search and “pair”.


Note: Do not connect directly to the phone’s Bluetooth, need to open the Bluetooth function of the phone system, then connect in “My device” of the APP

If the connection is not success please clear and delete all of the previous Bluetooth connection record of the phone and try again.


After the connection is completed, automatically synchronize the time, set the key in the upper left corner–function, select the function you need to open, receive SMS, WeChat, other information, step counter, Etc., choose to open or not open, and click to sync all data in the settings.


If the bracelet does not have a reminder after selecting to open the acceptance message, please close and restart to open APP and Bluetooth. If the update is complete, there will be a reminder if it is

If you use a mobile phone with a high security level such as Huawei mobile phone, you need to set the permission to open the authorized mobile phone in the mobile phone.


Q: About the charging.

1. When get the clock at the first time, you need to charge it for 2 hours around, please note that do not use the fast charge / flash charge head for charging, because the interface is relatively large, hard to touch the charging thimble, the charging plug used cannot exceed 5V 1000MA plug to charge,

2. Recommended Use Computer interface/small charging plug/TV USB interface/chargewith a clearly marked plug

3. It is not recommended to use the Power bank/ fast charge / flash charge / big power phone plug  / terminal block for charging

If the charging is not displayed or the contact is poor, please confirm whether the charging cable is plugged in and the inverter is reversed. Correct operation is as follows:


Q: Is the watch waterproof?

A: M3 is splash-proof and sweat-proof, so it is ok while you are doing sport, but you can’t swim with it. The waterproof rating of the bracelet is IP65 grade, it is just for daily life waterproof, it is splash-proof and sweat-proof, it can’t be soaked or infused. It will cause damage inside the ring.

 (please note: it does not support the brewing hot water, hot bath, and water vapor. Please avoid using and storing the device at the place of high temperature & high humidity.)


Q: Does it have camera?

A: No, it does not have camera, but it can remote control the camera on your phone to take photos.


Q: Is the heart rate monitor result accurate?

A: Due to the heart rate monitor device is not professional medical or sport detecting instrument, the result might be not very accurate as those professional instrument. 

The measurement results of this product are for reference only and are not intended for any medical use or basis. Please follow the doctor’s instructions and must not self -diagnose and treat according to the measurement results.


Q: Is the pedometer result accurate?

A: Accelerometers and algorithms built into the bracelet are extremely subtle. In general, when you get the bracelet for the first time, you need to fill in all the information honestly and accurately, including gender, height, weight, and age. These slight inaccuracies will directly affect the data capture of the acceleration sensor, further affecting. The algorithm operation results in inaccurate counting, incorrect distance data, and low calorie value, which ultimately leads to unsatisfactory data and affects individual exercise data. In addition, the posture of the shaking arm, the stride length, the figure, the flatness of the road surface, and the uphill and downhill slopes also affect the step value.






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